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Registration no longer necessary unless you would like to be given seats that are socially distanced.

Watch Online

Step 1: Fill out the Online Form or Call

You can register each week by using the registration form at the bottom of this page or, (if you don’t have access to the internet) you can call call or text us on 07832 942461. If you are calling, you will need to tell us:

Your name, phone number, the number of seats that you wish to reserve (for yourself and  anyone else in your bubble), their names and if you have any disabilities or particular requirement which you think should be considered in the allocation of your seating.

Registration will be open from 10am on Monday until 7pm on Wednesday evening each week. You should not attempt to book in outside of these times.

Step 2: Hear back from us

We will contact you on Thursday or Friday to confirm whether or not you have secured a space. We will contact you in the same way you contacted us, so listen out for your phone or check your emails. 

If you have been allocated a seat come along on Sunday between 10:40am and 10:55am. If you did not manage to secure a seat, you will be given a priority chance to book for the following week.

Step 3: Worship

If you’ve secured a space, turn up on Sunday from 10:40am. An umbrella and a coat may be necessary as you will have to queue outside until a member of our welcome team is available to direct you to your seat.

If we couldn’t fit you in this week then we are sorry, but you can watch the service live online.

Registration Form

 Please complete this form each week before Wednesday at 7pm to book in for this Sunday’s service.  Once you have filled out the form and done a bit of mental maths to prove you aren’t a robot, press the register button.

If you or someone you live with have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), however mild (fever, particularly high temperature i.e. 37.8 degrees or our, continuous cough or loss of taste or smell it is absolutely essential that no one in your household should attend meetings or services and should follow the Government Guidance at