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We will love GOD by pursuing His Presence as our highest priority when we gather to Worship Him, growing into a more intimate relationship with Him, and carrying His Presence out into our everyday lives and relationships throughout the week.

We will love one another, intentionally encouraging, supporting, and building one another up in the faith by practically:
1.Growing deeper in our relationships with one another so that we love, care for and support each other.

2.Discovering and using God’s gifts to stretch, strengthen and build up one another as a community of Jesus followers.

3.Express God’s love through practical acts of kindness, mercy and compassion and especially in our care for the poor as Jesus tells us to do and as the early church modelled.

We will love everyone in our town and in our world. We will intentionally work to become a more outwardly focused church, believing that GOD has deliberately planted us here in Donaghadee, as a lighthouse to shine Jesus and share the Gospel in this town and beyond.

We are passionate about sharing Jesus by the words we say (share the Gospel) and by the works that we do (practical acts of kindness, grace, compassion and mercy) that flesh out the Gospel

We want everything we are and all that we say and do to be undergirded by a strong conviction that GOD’s Word the Bible is His truth to shape His church in every age, every culture and every area of our life and living….

So we commit ourselves to radical and loving obedience to GOD and to His Word, the Bible.