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Our Values

1. WELCOMING TO ALL We believe that the Bible’s picture of God is a welcoming Father who runs to embrace His prodigal son. So with wide open arms we want to welcome all who come through our doors and who we meet in our everyday lives.

2. COMMUNITY We meet people as individuals, but we want to welcome and draw them into a community, a family, where they feel they belong and where they can make real and precious friendships and connections.
We long to provide a Church community of fruitful disciples where people feel they can support and be supported, love and be loved, care for others and be cared for. A place to strengthen others and be strengthened in the faith, to know others and be known and accepted as we grow in Christ.

3. GENEROSITY Our God is outrageously generous in His kindness and grace to us when we least deserved such sacrificial love and grace. We then want to reflect that same generosity to one another and to others
inside our church family and outside in our community. We want to be generous and indeed sacrificial with our time, our money, our love, our compassion and our service to others.

4. MISSIONAL Our GOD is a missional GOD from Genesis to Revelation. He sent His only Son into the world and He sends us His church into the world, just as He sent Jesus. We are here in Donaghadee for the people who have never entered our doors. As the salt and light in this town, we desire to change the cultural life of Donaghadee and beyond. We are a local church with a global mission.

5. WORSHIP Worship is not about us… it’s about God. It is about who He is and His worthiness to be worshipped. We are committed to use all the means of GRACE which GOD has provided to help us worship Him collectively. Worship is not just about Sunday. It is the totality of our lives and it is about how we translate the truths of God’s Word into everyday life in radical, loving obedience.