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Our Stories

Lorraine’s Story

What happens when life doesn’t turn out exactly how you have planned? When you think God really doesn’t care about you.
Watch Lorraine’s story and how God has turned her life and pain around.

Ashley’s Story

Many of you locally will know Ashley. What’s her story? Why and how did she become a Christian?
It’s amazing how much you can transform someone else life by simply carrying the fragrance of Jesus around with you – that thing that makes you different.

Scott’s Story

When life is going well, it’s very easy to forget about God and only turn to him during times of pain and suffering.
Watch Scott’s story of his highs during a budding cycling career and dealing with the devastation that followed. We can often look for fulfilment – something to fill that gap in our lives – in all the wrong places. Only God can really provide complete fulfilment.