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Alpha course @ Shorestreet

The Alpha course starts here in

Shore Street Presbyterian

on Thursday 27th September 2018

10am in the Attic


8pm in the Glenfield Hall

We are excited!!

What is it??

It’s a short, informal, chilled out space where You can ask any questions you like about LIFE.. faith… God…

Or You can simply listen to others as they ask their Questions…

There is a short talk on DVD… small groups where you can make some friends and opportunity to ask Questions… enjoy discussion… or simply listen… without pressure..
Oh!! There is also plenty of tea and coffee to keep us all happy!!

We all have BIG Questions about LIFE… BUT sometimes never have a ‘safe’ place to ask them… The Alpha course provides YOU with such a space…

Questions people struggle with like..

What is MY LIFE all about anyway?  + the other  questions in your mind..

So why not come along on the first night and give it a go… see what it’s like….

+Get a feel if it’s right for YOU..

We promise that you will NOT be asked to speak out loud…. do anything that would make you cringe… be pushed to go further than YOU want to go…
We aim to make the course… relaxed.. ‘safe’.. chilled out… friendly… so that YOU will feel at home
Tel Alvin  91883533 for more detail or download the Alpha course information leaflet

Our MORE weekend conference 26-28 January, here at Shorestreet Presbyterian Church, Donaghadee, please play the video for more information