Will you join with me on a journey, on the road to Calvary,

To look upon the Son of God, who died for you and me?

Travel now through space and time, to perceive with your mind’s eye,

The exuberant crowd, who watched and cheered as Jesus was passing by.

Humbly upon a young colt he rides, capture the crowd’s elation!

“Hosanna to the Son of David!” they cry, join with them in jubilation!

Next travel with the disciples, as to the Upper Room they now head,

To fellowship at the Last Supper; share with them, the wine and the bread.

Sit in awe in His Presence as Jesus brings a basin before your seat,

Be humbled, and learn from the Master, as He kneels and washes your feet.

Stay close, follow with the disciples to where Jesus withdrew for prayer,

In the garden of Gethsemane – sense His sorrow and anguish there.

Watch as Judas guides the armed soldiers to that very special place,

To identify Jesus by placing a kiss, of betrayal, upon His face.

Now take your place in the crowd again and attune your ears to hear

How far their fickle hearts have turned, as they mock and taunt and jeer.

Listen with care to a mocking voice that echoes clear and loud…

Do you recognise that voice you hear? Is it yours, among the crowd?

Hear now the false accusations, as He stands, condemned and alone,

The gentle Healer, the King of kings, bound for a cross, not a throne.

Observe the humble Lamb of God, His body whipped and torn!

The perfect, spotless, sinless Son, a victim of suffering and scorn!

The soldiers have bound Christ to the cross, His hands and feet are nailed,

But it’s love alone that holds Him there, upon the cross impaled.

Draw closer, stand beneath the cross, His pain cannot disguise,

The incredible love, within His heart, as you look into His eyes.

“Father, forgive them!” Hear His cry, “For they know not what they do!”

Such mercy, grace and love outpoured, for the likes of me, and you.

With His final breath, “It is finished!” Hear His word to you and me,

Jesus bore the punishment for our sins, on that cross at Calvary.

Now go with Mary to the borrowed tomb where they laid God’s precious Son…

“He is not here!  He is Risen!” Victory o’er death He has won!

The journey with Jesus continues, for all who will answer His call,

Will you yield and respond to the Saviour? Give to Him your heart and your all.


Careen Bailie



John 3:16

For God so loved the world

that He gave His one and only Son

that whoever believes in Him shall not

perish but have eternal life.