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Staff Team

Alvin Little

I grew up in Rathfriland where my parents owned a hardware shop. It was hard work and long hours and I guess I picked up their work ethic from my earliest days. We were a church going family and God was a real part of my life from early on. I always had this feeling that I wanted to be a preacher and had a number of experiences of God working in my life as a child. Through teenage years I got away from God but was actually converted the night ‘A’ level results came out in 1974. I married Linda and we have three girls Joanna, Kerry and Christine and also a granddaughter called Mia.  

I worked in Belfast, Galway and Bangor before coming to Donaghadee in 1994 and over the years we have seen God graciously grow this church family.  I love Donaghadee and have a real passion to see God moving powerfully in the people of this town and beyond to the ends of the earth. I want this to be a loving church family where bruised and broken people can find help, hope and healing. I want to proclaim Jesus as the only Saviour and LORD and to do so with all the love and passion of my heart. There is no greater message in all the world than the Good News of Jesus because there is no one like our God. He is totally worthy of our love, praise and adoration.   I cannot think of anything greater to do with my life than to glorify God and really enjoy Him forever. That, for me, is living the dream.

Sonya Anderson

I am originally from Keady, Co Armagh, and my home congregation is 2nd Keady Presbyterian Church. I attended church, Sunday School, Girls Brigade and many Kids Clubs as a child and so realized the importance of becoming a Christian at a young age. I asked Jesus into my heart many times as a child but really got serious about my faith after being involved in a serious traffic accident as a teenager.   God gave me a desire to be involved in Christian service after being part of a number of Youth For Christ summer outreach teams. After leaving school, I spent a year with Youth For Christ in Enniskillen and then went to Canada to study ‘Pastoral ministry’ at Prairie Bible College for four years. Following this I had a number of jobs including teaching English as a foreign language and receptionist work. In 2005, I applied to become a deaconess and arrived in Shore Street in 2007!

I got married to Andrew in 2013 and we have 2 young daughters called Iza and Rosie. I am so thankful to be here and I love Donaghadee. As a family, we enjoy being part of the Shore Street church family and seeing what God is doing amongst us and in our community.  I love coming alongside people and seeing them grow in their relationship with Jesus. I currently work part time and my main roles are pastoral care, speaking, leading groups, and family work.

Peter Martin
Youth & Children’s Co-ordinator

I was brought up in East Belfast but thankfully managed to avoid the ailment of becoming a Glentoran fan instead choosing to follow the long held family tradition of supporting the mighty Belfast Blues, Linfield.

I am a recent addition to staff team having joined in June ’13.  Previous to this post I was a professional foster carer alongside my wife Jane.  We fostered 19 kids over nearly a decade and loved the adventure and fun that that brought us.  I have also been employed in the field of youth work with both the South Eastern Education & Library Board and Youth For Christ NI.

I’m passionate about enabling Christ-centred growth! Whether it is in assisting a child come to faith or in helping a volunteer grow in their ministry, growth is what I’m all about and prayer is at the core of it!

Leadership Team

We have a great team of elders who are here to look after you and serve you as our church family. We’ve split Donaghadee and the surrounding area up into “Districts” and for each district, there’s an elder, committee member and in most instances – a District Care Team who are there to look after each of the families in their district.

Jim Pollock

Jim Pollock

Clerk of Session

Jim Pollock

Jim Pollock

Clerk of Session

Jim Pollock

Jim Pollock

Clerk of Session

Jim Pollock

Jim Pollock

Clerk of Session

Our goal is to delight God’s heart, enjoy God’s presence and glorify God’s name in everything

Our conviction is that we will envision, equip and empower every member of Shore Street Presbyterian Church to live their lives everyday and everywhere loving God, loving one another and loving those who do not yet believe.

We will love God...
We will love God by pursuing His Presence as our highest priority when we gather to Worship Him, growing into a more intimate relationship with Him, and carrying His Presence out into our everyday lives and relationships throughout the week.
We will love one another...
We will love one another, intentionally encouraging, supporting, and building one another up in the faith by practically:

1. Growing deeper in our relationships with one another so that we love, care for and support each other.

2. Discovering and using God’s gifts to stretch, strengthen and build up one another as a community of Jesus followers.

3. Express God’s love through practical acts of kindness, mercy and compassion and especially in our care for the poor as Jesus tells us to do and as the early church modelled.

We will love everyone in our town and in our world. We will intentionally work to become a more outwardly focused church, believing that GOD has deliberately planted us here in Donaghadee, as a lighthouse to shine Jesus and share the Gospel in this town and beyond.

We are passionate about sharing Jesus by the words we say (share the Gospel) and by the works that we do (practical acts of kindness, grace, compassion and mercy) that flesh out the Gospel

We want everything we are and all that we say and do to be undergirded by a strong conviction that GOD’s Word the Bible is His truth to shape His church in every age, every culture and every area of our life and living….

So we commit ourselves to radical and loving obedience to GOD and to His Word, the Bible.

Mission & Passion

To see everyone in Donaghadee and beyond become fruitful disciples of Jesus.

We will by God’s Grace, welcome, integrate, grow and release every person who comes through the doors of Shore Street Presbyterian Church into fruitful discipleship, ministry and mission in Donaghadee and beyond.

Our Beliefs & Values

Our beliefs and values underpin all that we do in Shore Street Presbyterian Church.

Welcoming To All

We believe that the Bible’s picture of God is a welcoming Father who runs to embrace His prodigal son. So with wide open arms we want to welcome all who come through our doors and who we meet in our everyday lives.


We meet people as individuals, but we want to welcome and draw them into a community, a family, where they feel they belong and where they can make real and precious friendships and connections.
We long to provide a Church community of fruitful disciples where people feel they can support and be supported, love and be loved, care for others and be cared for. A place to strengthen others and be strengthened in the faith, to know others and be known and accepted as we grow in Christ.


Our God is outrageously generous in His kindness and grace to us when we least deserved such sacrificial love and grace. We then want to reflect that same generosity to one another and to others inside our church family and outside in our community. We want to be generous and indeed sacrificial with our time, our money, our love, our compassion and our service to others.


Our GOD is a missional GOD from Genesis to Revelation. He sent His only Son into the world and He sends us His church into the world, just as He sent Jesus. We are here in Donaghadee for the people who have never entered our doors. As the salt and light in this town, we desire to change the cultural life of Donaghadee and beyond. We are a local church with a global mission.


Worship is not about us… it’s about God. It is about who He is and His worthiness to be worshipped. We are committed to use all the means of GRACE which GOD has provided to help us worship Him collectively. Worship is not just about Sunday. It is the totality of our lives and it is about how we translate the truths of God’s Word into everyday life in radical, loving obedience.

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