Sunday 4th October

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Fear that you won’t have enough or that GOD won’t be enough….   for whatever  lies ahead.       Matthew 6 v25-34


Fears.. anxieties.. worries… uncertainties.. 

In our covid 19 world..

Of course we ALL have them..

Of course We ALL struggle with them


We worry over our …         finances and our futures..

We’re anxious about our   friends…our  families.. 

We carry around fears about our health… our jobs….our hopes… our tomorrow’s… Our whatever it is that is stressing you.


When I was at school all I worried about was what my friends thought about me… did they like me.. would I get on the team… be included in the group… be invited to the party…

              Life was simpler then… No less stressful!!


To our friends… our lives may look normal.. happy.. good even…


Below the surface level of our lives  we find ourselves struggling and  wrestling with all these anxieties and uncertainties that feel at times as if they’re going to completely overwhelm us…


Told you the story before of the man who was known to his friends as a born worrier.. and then this day he came down the street..

Whistling away.. Not a care in the world.. happy as larry…

His friend said to him… WOW! What happened to you… You’re in good form to-day.

Oh he said I paid a man to do all my worrying for me.

How much are you paying him his friend asked?

£1000 a week..

What.. £1000 a week… how are you ever going to get that kind of money?

(shrugged his shoulders) Don’t know!!…    that’s for him to worry about!!


Q. Wouldn’t you love it if only you could pay someone to carry all your worries for you…. 

Someone to lift away… all your burdens and stresses… 

Someone to relieve you … of all your anxieties and take away all your fears..


I love the Bible…

 I love the way JESUS invites YOU and Me into the most precious, wonderful, life giving friendship with HIMSELF…

In the Bible….

There is NO slot machine.. NO slick … easy… quick fix solution…. that takes away ALL our troubles..

 No Magic wand to simply swipe away life’s toughest challenges…

But there is…  this wonderful invitation to do life with The ONE Person who can walk with us through ALL our deepest fears.. anxieties.. worries… and uncertainties..

And whose Presence and love… can and will…  carry us through the darkest storms..

Let’s look at what Jesus says to us in these verses in the  Sermon on the Mount…    

           READ…… Matthew 6 v 19 – 34

It’s so important when we dive into a passage in the Bible that we always look at verses around so that we get the context. 

So when we read v 25  YOU see it begins with   Therefore..

I was  always taught…  When you see a therefore …you need to stop and ask… what is the therefore   there for??

Of course Jesus has been reminding us of the choices that we face as His followers…

V19 – 21.. Choice is between storing up treasure on earth or storing up treasure in heaven… 

Which are we going to do??

Which do we treasure more?? 

For wherever our treasure is..  that’s where our hearts really lie… (v21)

That determines your priorities in life…

how you live.. what you spend your life on… 

where you invest your money, time, energy and effort.

2nd Choice:

V22-23 Choice.. How you are going to look at life…(eye)  either from light (God’s way) or darkness (your own way)


V24 Choice is… which Master you are going to serve… GOD or wealth.. and all that wealth can buy you.. in terms of comfort, security, happiness, way of life..

So Jesus has been facing us with these very blunt… either/ or choices… that we need to make about… 

HOW we are going to live our lives 


Who we are going to live our lives for…


Where our real heart priorities in life lie…

Jesus is saying to His disciples… followers… to us …

 if that’s where you place yourself to-day..

When you have chosen to make GOD your treasure… 

to look at life from HIS perspective…

 when HE is your MASTER…. and you’ve surrendered your life completely into HIS hands.. to obey HIM.. pursue HIM.. follow HIM…first of all .. most of all… before anyone else… before anything else… even and especially before yourself….

Then…  Therefore.. this is what follows on … says JESUS

 (v25) Therefore tell YOU…   Do Not be  anxious/ worried ….  X3

  1. About your life                        (v25)
  2. About your clothes /wear       (v28)
  3.  About food and   drink            (v31)

The Word for anxious… worried… stressed… is the same word Jesus uses in the parable of the Sower in Mark 4

“But the worries of this life, the deceitfulness of wealth and  the desires of other things ( not necessarily bad things)  come in and ‘CHOKE’ the WORD making it unfruitful…” Mark 4v19

We know that’s what worry does.. it stresses us out… it tears us apart… it churns around like a washing machine in our minds and ties up our stomachs in knots…

Bottom line.. WORRY

 causes us to doubt God’s WORD.. doubt God’s Promises and doubt God’s Father care for us…

Q. Is  that NOT what Jesus is driving at in these verses.

V26. LOOK.. Take a good long hard look at the birds in the sky… and learn from them… They have nothing for tomorrow and yet… YOUR Heavenly Father… Your GOOD, GOOD FATHER in Heaven… feeds.. provides.. cares for tiny birds…

HOW MUCH MORE..  does He value you??

HOW MUCH MORE precious are you to Him … than these little  birds

HOW MUCH MORE does YOUR Father in Heaven care for YOU and all the struggles  you’re going through??

Or take the flowers in the field..(v28)..

If GOD clothes the flowers of the field with such beauty and colour and care…  

HOW MUCH MORE…. Will He clothe YOU… care for YOU… provide for you.. be enough for YOU and all You’re going though??

YOU of little faith…(v30).  NOT NO faith… just little faith…

The More You are worrying… the less you are trusting!

The greater your worries…  the less your faith in GOD

Jesus is digging down into the roots of the problem in the soil of your heart and HE is saying to you that the root of the problem of worry is unbelief.

Honestly….  There is more unbelief rooted in our hearts and minds that we ever realise or care to admit to..

Worry is at root a form of atheism… Every time you worry says JESUS you are acting like an atheist.. (or Jesus word is pagan v32)

A pagan is NOT a bad person..

It’s simply a person who does NOT know GOD or believe there is a GOD in Heaven who is a loving Heavenly Father to His children… Someone who cares for them.. Someone on whom they can depend..


So every time you worry you are saying… 

I am worried about this.. that.. other.. It all depends on me to sort this.. fix this.. control this… because a pagan doesn’t have a loving Heavenly Father who is in control of LIFE… to care for them.

I remember an atheist girl in a debate with a Christian said that the One thing she envied in Christians is that they had someone to pray to… She didn’t have anyone to turn to..

So worry is a warning light on the dashboard of your life  that tells you that you are 

doubting Your Heavenly Father

doubting His Father  love and care for you His precious child.

doubting His faithfulness to you

doubting His Provision and  His Promises


Here’s a couple of those wonderful promises that will make your faith grow stronger and will  weaken your worries..

“And My GOD will supply ALL your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus.”           Philippians 4v19

“My grace is sufficient for YOU, for My power is made perfect in weakness..”                          2 Corinthians 12v 9

“For the pagans run after all these things and Your Heavenly Father knows that YOU need them.”            (v32)

YOUR Father knows what you need before you pray.. before you worry.. before you are overwhelmed by anxiety…

Of course He knows… You are His precious, precious son… His much loved and adored daughter… His cherished child..

There is NOTHING that He would Not do for you… 

NOTHING that He would Not give to you…

NOTHING that He would withhold from YOU…

And if there is a delay… and if something is being withheld… Then there is a purpose and a reason…  for your good and HIS glory..

“If GOD is for us, who can be against us. He who did not SPARE HIS own Son, but gave Him up for us all.. how will He not also, along with Him(Jesus) graciously give us ALL things.”                                                       Romans 8 v32

Folks I know the struggles and the troubles of life that some of you are going through that makes you   Question..

Will I have enough  to cope with all of this..

Enough strength.. enough energy.. enough faith.. enough money.. enough love..

Will God and HIS Promises be enough to get us through what we are struggling to get through in our lives right NOW..

The answer is YES!!  NOT because You are enough…  but because JESUS is ENOUGH!!  HIS Promises are enough…YOUR FATHER in HEAVEN is enough and YOU are loved and cherished by Him!!

“ I sought the LORD and He answered me. He delivered me from ALL my fears.”                                         Psalm 34v 4

Finally v33-34

Jesus has commanded us NOT to worry…   negative… 

So OK.. Is there anything positive we can do.. YES  (v33)

“BUT Seek first HIS kingdom and HIS righteousness and ALL these things will be given to you as well.”           V33

Back to those choices we made in v 19- 24

Put GOD 1st and centre in your life and lifestyle choices.

Let’s God’s WORD shape who You are and HOW you live each day..

Seek HIS will.. His way.. His priorities.. His cause… His Kingdom.. His rule and reign over every part of your life and living…every day of the week… every person you meet.

Live your life to bring pleasure to GOD.. 

        Remind yourself.. challenge yourself..

LIFE is NOT all about ME.. … 

Not about what I want… 

Not about ME getting My way…


It’s about loving You LORD.. following You JESUS…  It’s about living life every day with JESUS as KING AND LORD. It’s about trusting God’s Promises and obeying God’s WORD…

It’s about knowing that You are God’s precious daughter and much loved son… and being secure in that because You are securely loved and cherished by your heavenly Father.

V34 Therefore  says JESUS…

       Do NOT worry about tomorrow..

School.. work.. unemployment… health.. relationships.. Covid …   whatever..

 I love what Corrie ten Boom says

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of it’s sorrow. It empties to-day of it’s strength.” 

GOD is enough…. He will give you enough… BUT He only gives YOU…    ONE day at a time…

What did JESUS teach us in the LORD’s PRAYER…

“Give us to-day our daily bread.. Give us to-day… to-day’s bread…”       Leave tomorrow untill tomorrow..

YOUR Father in Heaven will provide for YOU  to-day!!

The Question  is…    Will You trust HIM..

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