Over this past week God has took me on a journey, a journey which has blended new learning and old and brought with it much growth.  It all started last week when one of our lads in Ignite (Our weekly youth group) prayed that we would be as expectant of God as we had been last year. Boom a bomb went off in my head!  You see last year my mantra with everyone I spoke to and everywhere I went was to be expectant of God on a daily basis for good and exciting things and encounters.  I don’t think we are called just to settle for the daily grind and hum-drum of life.   The life of faith is one of adventure! But today a few months on, in the here and now, how expectant am I of God?  Was that mantra just for a season?


Over the last 6 months the book ‘Imagine Church’ has been continuously used by God to reveal afresh the purposes of His Church to me. I’m a slow reader for whom reading is an act of discipline and sacrifice.  It doesn’t come naturally to me.  However, throughout my life God has used books to usher in change and inspiration.  This book is no different and I would encourage everyone to have a read of it!

Summarised, it points out that the Church today is stuck in gather mode and that actually the life of faith is more about what happens when we scatter into society than when we gather together in a building.  It points out that we ALL are called to go out and make disciples not just the church salaried, the well-read or those gifted in communication and social interaction.

You see we are ALL God’s foot soldiers and if He is Lord of our lives than he is Lord of our lives and has a purpose for it!  He has a purpose for you this week, this day and in this hour.  It might not be BIG and dramatic but whilst it might be small it most certainly will be SIGNIFICANT.


Here’s an inspired and personal example our guest speaker gave us at Ignite last night.  She was a woman in her 30’s living her life without God.  When suddenly whilst waiting to be taken in for a job interview the previous candidate on leaving wished all those awaiting interview a joyful and genuine good luck.  Now fast forward a few months and our speaker and this unusually joyful and warm person  turnout to have got the two jobs.  Fast forward further and our speaker, as a result of her curiosity as to why the person was so joyful was shown God and gave her life to Christ.  Today our speaker is fully on fire for the Lord and is pioneering a new ministry and living in faith without an income.  All can be traced back to that simple and small act of love and joy, wishing people good luck with their interviews.  A small act but with SIGNIFICANT ETERNAL impact!

This morning I woke up early and hungry for God!  These are not the usual words I would use to describe myself early on a Monday morning; however God was poking and prodding me to awaken and listen to this video podcast linked below by Daniel Ho.  This man wonderfully encapsulates what I am trying to say, have a watch but be prepared for a life changing and I pray life last change!


How to love people with the gospel – Daniel Ho


May you live a life expectant of God and rich in adventure!