A number of weeks ago I got wind that a men’s breakfast was being put together.  Organised by ‘Gift’ it certainly was one as a free fry was on offer alongside a speaker of note.  What was there to think about, a no brainer.   I rushed to put my name down for it on Facebook and immediately invited as many as I could to attend.

Saturday morning arrived, a morning that would normally find me sleeping in, followed by a coffee, a scone and a good book.  Being honest as I got into the car to go I wondered had I done the right thing? Doubts continued to niggle as I drove past my favourite coffee shop.  It’s a friendly and warm place that would often witness me sitting on a Saturday morning with the aforementioned scone, coffee and book.  Parking up on the Warren Road to go to Shore Street Presbyterian, an irony that often makes me smile, I could instantly detect the glorious smell of a fry.  I parked fairly far away and so was delighted to be met by such an inviting aroma.  As I walked towards the church the mouth-watering smell just got stronger and stronger as it reeled me in through the front door.

I wasn’t disappointed as a busy room full of friendly faces greeted me and it wasn’t long before a cooked and beautiful breakfast sat in front of me. As I ate my last bite I identified that the speaker of note sat across from me.  Stuart Elliot a man who had played football at all levels including international smiled at those who walked past him. I wondered what he might have to say to us and how on earth it could top the breakfast I had just finished.

But top it he did!  As I drank my bottomless coffee I was struck most not by what he said, although his content was highly relevant, but by the way he said it.  He spoke with a fearless conviction and with an urgency I haven’t seen in quite some time.  You see he believes His King wants to speak with us urgently, not tomorrow but today!  His Lord loves us with a burning passion and is concerned with our every detail.  His God insists on being the only priority in our lives and our lives must reflect Him in how they are lived.

As I wandered out into the rest of my weekend I felt that the urgency and conviction he demonstrated left me with a number of questions.  I wondering where those ingredients lay within my faith?  Am I full of conviction, eager to share the good news of Jesus without compromise?  Does my faith consume me as it so evidently had him?

If a breakfast was ever meant to inspire, this one certainly delivered!  Many thanks for the most generous gift, it was a shot in the arm I most definitely needed.  Make sure you don’t miss the next one!!

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Written by Peter Martin